CL008   23 TRUBLION 23 Honor et Gloria, la geste de Graffen Walder (cd) 1 – Hurlezob 2 – Honor et Gloria I 3 – Draconis Testiculi 4 – Juste Courroux 5 – Honor et Gloria II 6 – O Leuchtende Schoenheiten 7 – Vinum, Sexus et Caro Cruda 8 – Houblon et Larmes amères 9 – Honor et Gloria III, première partie 10 – Honor et Gloria III, deuxième partie 11 – Epilogue 12 – Tant crie-t-on Noël qu’il vient (Bonus) 13 – Colloque (Bonus) After obscure, hard to find and brilliant cdrs, Le Cluricaun is proud to present the first official album of the already mythic crazy drummer of the Gaë Bolg Live  Band. Adept of a psychedelic, festive and symphonic folk which take its roots in  Witthüser und Westrupp as well as Whitehouse or the Monty Python, Trublion  23 in Honor et Gloria is telling us the story of the (in)famous (?) Graffen Walder   in a tone which can evoque a mix of Angel of Light, Danielson, Animal Collective  and Missing Foundation, but in a complete personal way. Acoustic guitars, voices between troubadours and barbarian, strange and weird  samples, great melodies, psychedelic effects, noisy ambiances and caustic  sense of humour, this fascinating cock-tail is a big “kick in the ass” of the sleepy  and formatted folk scene ! Impossible to miss !