CL010   DENIS FRAJERMAN / ANTOINE  VOLODINE   Vociférations (cd) 1 – Ouverture 2 – I) Seizième sanglot 3 – II) Myriam Dahaliane 4 – Coda I 5 – III) Un œil sur la lune 6 – IV) Des naines bleues 7 – Coda II 8 – Ouverture (Clôture) Denis Frajerman is a member of the French cult band Palo Alto and has released  several successful and great albums under his own name (like the fantastic Suite  Volodine and Maccau Peplum). Antoine Volodine is the well known French “post-exotic” science fiction writer which  has received many prices and elogious reviews in both mainstream and  underground audience. He’s released recently his 15th’s book Songes de Mevlido. Vociférations pretend to be an opera, but a new form of post-exotic opera, an opera  without real singers, built around different scenes, and on which music and the  writer’s voice are strongly linked. This new collaboration between Antoine Volodine and Denis Frajerman is a musical  transposition of a paranoid world in which politic, totalitarism and psychiatric are  confronted to a dark, troubled, sensual and shamanic richly orchestrated music  (many musicians which are playing strings, percussions, sax, keyboards…).   If you like the early Palo Alto’s albums, the experimental side of Tuxedomoon, and  most generally original “new music”, this album is without any doubt for you! Vociférations is a command and is supported by the French national radio France  Culture.