CL003  GAË BOLG AND THE CHURCH  OF FAND  Live in Ehrenstein 2000 (cd ltd 500)  1 – During the apocalypse 2 – La marche des morts 3 – Procession nocturne 4 – Jean Grain d’orge doit mourir 5 – Le jeudi saint 6 – Le gibet 7 – Larmes de sang 8 – L’opéra pas mal 9 – Alexander von Ludwig, comte d’oxfols 10 – Gloria Reissue of this famous cdr (originally limited to 33 copies!) of a live recording  from 2000 with a great sound, completely remastered in 2006.   11 people on stage (including members of Hekate and of Omne Datum  Optimum!) interprets 10 great tracks of the Master like the classic Marche des  morts and Gloria, some rare tracks like Alexander von Ludwig, Comte d’Oxfols   and Opéra pas mal (unreleased on cd) and devastating and orgiac versions of  Le Jeudi Saint and Larmes de sang ! (limited edition of 500 copies in dvd slim box with the original cartoonesque  artwork of Ars Magna 1118!)