CL031   GAË BOLG Petit manuel de Gymnosophie  appliquée (cd)   1 - Compter les pingouins 2 - In Taberna 3 - Miel en Mortadelle 4 - Héros de paille 5 - Lothar 6 - Cérémonial 7 - Prison 8 - La princesse aux petits pieds d’argile 9 - Illusion référentielle 10 - Danse des Gymnosophes 11 - La fameuse marche Mogole 12 - Femme, oiseau, étoile 13 - Complainte du Fou In parallel to the 2 highly acclaimed albums Petite introduction aux pratiques des Gymnosophes   and Petit traité de Gymnosophie, Gaë Bolg have toured around the world with his incredible live  band for an intense killer show full of energy and crazyness.   Petit manuel de Gymnosophie appliquée witness of this highly succesful tour who get the  audience literally mad ! It has been recorded live in Nyon (Switzerland) during 2009 and it’s  warranty no overdub !   Despite a great sound quality, don’t except an usual clean and lifeless live album : Petit manuel de  Gymnosophie appliquée is dirty, mad and furious, in all its inperfection !!!   The live band was for this occasion the GAË BOLG on operatic voice, trumpet and recorder, the  famous KARL BLAKE on fuzzy and noisy bass, the no less famous TRUBLION 23 on hysteric  voice and percussion, and the killer ALEXIS DARNOUX (of the great doom band HUATA) on ultra  powerfull drums.   The band is playing a selection of recent Gymnosophe’s tracks as well as the older Ceremonial   (of La ballade de l’Ankou) and the already mythic unreleased Lothar.   (digipack) Miel en mortadelle Lothar (extract)