CL030   ITHAK   Ithak (cd) 1 - Para Tus Sentidos Auditivos (Intro) 2 - Serial Iguana 3 - Utrecht Interlude 3 4 - Stereo Love 5 - Vitaly 6 - Horizons Verticaux 7 - Utrecht Interlude 4 8 - Psalm 9 - Je Fly 10 - Aquatisch Phantasie 11 - Sentier des Lunes 12 - Triangle Cannibale 13 - In Wunderschönen Monat Mai Ithak is without any doubt  one of the most promising new band of the decade !   Ithak is the composer, guitarist, singer and multi-instrumentist Seb El Zin (who released an album  with Arto Lindsay, Marc Ribot, Mike Ladd and Sensational under the name The Anarchic Republic  of Bzzz on the cult labels Sub Rosa and Important Records), with François Sabin (saxophonist  and multi-instrumentist for Amadou et Maryam, Marie-France, Chrissie Hynde...), Augustin  d'Assignies (pianist and keyboard in various formations but also a talented opera composer!) and  the famous Erick Borelva (the impressive drummer who played for such various and great  musicians and bands like, amongst many others, Archie Shepp, The Last Poets, Eugene  Chadbourne, Noël Akchote, Julien Loureau, Sister Iodine...).   Future music, stereo-sensual acid, dodecaphonic punk? Sticking a style to Ithak, their eponym  extraordinary first album mixed by David Husser (Depeche Mode, Recoil, Rodolphe Burger...) and  masterised by Gaë Bolg isn't so easy...   Abdul Vector Von Hassid's crazy disciples share a kaleidoscopic and psychedelic vision of music,  mixing psychopunk, hip hop, jazz, oriental, electro or contemporary music in a deconstructivist  soup from which emerges a new, original and ever surprising sound...   Just imagine a mix of Mr Bungle, Magma, Richard Gotainer, The Young Gods, Yolk, Arnold  Schoenberg and James Chance illustrating a Mati Klarwein's painting in a weird poppy,  psychedelic and punchy rocky way and it will give you a vague idea of what you can expect from  this fantastic album !   "I really love your crazy sounds" (John Zorn) "Very original and quite avant-garde" (Steve Hillage (Gong, System 7...)) "For all my musician’s life, i never heard such a thing !!!! you imitate nobody and nobody can imitate you!! THIS is tomorrow’s music, cheers guys, you made the limits of music explode ... it’s unique!" (Felix Sabal-Lecco (Peter Gabriel, Prince and Herbie Hancock's drummer)) "Great discovering!" (Urban Sax) "Everything is perfect: music, lyrics, visuals!" (Palo Alto) (digipack with a 4-pages booklet) Serial Iguana (extract) Horizons Verticaux (extract)