CL013   LISE N.   Faire cailler le lait avec du sang de  caille (cd) 1 – Les concurrents s’impatientent 2 – Migragne 3 – Mélodie des endormis 4 – Les visions des équipes 5 – Une léthargie profonde du Professeur Migragne 6 – Faire cailler le lait avec du sang de caille 7 – Le poisouc se détache 8 – Araclide 9 – La dame sourit l’oiseau gris 10 – En dénivelant 11 – Animal bleu numéro trente 12 – Le nouveau morse 13 – La femme-poulet et la fille-mule Lise N. writes, composes and performs a strange, deep and lyric world, in which  are evolving liquid feelings, trembling landscapes and lost flutes. Her musical,  intense and oneiric universe is taking place in the post-industrial field and draws an  oblique link between unutterable poetry and reinvented ancestral ritual.  Litanies of rare beauty, hypnotic female voice, troubled and moist eroticism, banjo  with Cajun accents, crepuscular Hungarian harp, small ethnic percussion, hybrid  sharp rhythms and many other things are leading us into a very personal universe,  full of unreleased surprises and dark and blue landscapes, incongruous folklore  born of the improbable meeting of Die Tödliche Doris, Alexander Jodorowsky, O  Yuki Conjugate and the French poet Pierre Reverdy. Featuring Antoine Boute, Denis Frajerman, Nadine Richard and Eric Roger (Gaë  Bolg).