CL040   JACQUES BARBERI / LAURENT  PERNICE   L’apocalypse des oiseaux (cd)   1 - Création des animaux 2 - La peau du prophète 3 - La chasse 4 - Oiseaux miroirs 5 - Espace 6 - Le carrousel des cavaliers 7 - Un désert de paupières 8 - Le mausolée aux perruches 9 - Basse danse 10 - Kosmogonie 1 11 - L’ultime toile 12 - Kosmogonie 2 13 - L’origine du monde 14 - Déluge L’apocalypse des oiseaux is the new masterwork of the 2 french cult musicians Jacques Barbéri  and Laurent Pernice.   Jacques Barbéri is well known as member of the famous French band Palo Alto but also as a  brillant SF writter (he began with the group Limite with, amongst others, Antoine Volodine, Francis  Berthelot and Emmanuel Jouanne), one of the most original of his generation.   Laurent Pernice began in the French cult band Nox and did also several remarquable solo  albums. He’s regularly invited to play in Palo Alto.   L’apocalypse des oiseaux is a vast and ambitious oratorio for the famous painter Paolo Ucello. It’s  a fantastic mix of surrealistic and dark landscapes, poésie sonore, concrete music, electronic  sounds and weird atmospheres. It can evokes the best works of Bernard Parmegiani or Luc  Ferrari but in a very personal way. Simply impossible to miss!   (3 side digipack)