CL077   SEVEN PINES   7 chants pour Nini (cd)   1 – (Chant 1) 2 – (Chant 2) 3 – (Chant 3) 4 – (Chant 4) 5 – (Chant 5) 6 – (Chant 6) 7 – (Chant 7) After years of (false) silence, Seven Pines, one of the most important Gaë Bolg  side project is back ! Weirdly, during all this discrete years, Seven Pines has been particularly active  and productive, with many collaborations, concerts and recording sessions. 7  chants pour Nini is the first pearl of this enormous amount of archives to see the  light of day. Based on improvisations by Eric ROGER and Philippe RAYNAL (long time  collaborator of Seven Pines, Gaë Bolg and Silver Lady) realised between 2000  and 2005, it has been entirely and drastically reworked by Eric ROGER in 2007. Madly theatrical, dark and oppressive, it follows the feeling of Nympholept but in a  much weirder and insane way. A tasty mix of the early Virgin Prunes, Rema Rema  and Life Garden, with a small touch of the best Nurse with wound.   An unclassifiable, murky, possessed, psychiatric and enjoyable album !   Highly recommended of course !   (Limited edition of 181 copies only, beautiful 3 panels digipack)