CL004   SEVEN PINES   Le cri (cd) 1 – Ensemble 2 – Le Cri (1ère partie) 3 – L’âge des loups 4 – Zoé 5 – Fêtes 6 – Je rêve d’être une star 7 – Les yeux clos 8 – Le Cri (2ème partie) After 3 years of silence, Le Cri marks the return of this great Eric Roger’s  project, 70 new minutes of intense music which continue where Nympholept (his  previous album) had stopped.   Eric Roger is well known as Gaë Bolg but also played and recorded in the entire  world with such formations and musicians like Shockheaded Peters, Von  Magnet, Clair Obscur, Palo Alto, The Waiting List (with members of Héliogabale)  and more recently Simon Finn and Joolie Wood.   Le Cri is a collection of 8 dark and psychedelic mad songs, composed by Eric  during 3 years of despair and personal troubles, with guest appearances of Karl  Blake, Omne Datum Optimum, Silver Lady, Othila, the Cynfeirdd Chorus and  many others !