CL009   SILVER LADY   Inclus concentré de génie avec  morceaux dedans (cd)   1 – My name is… 2 – Opéra pas mal (part 1) 3 – Alexia 4 – Oumba oumba 5 – Romance 6 – Silver Lady 7 – Ich bin müde 8 – My (clean) 9 – Pop song 10 – Loverats 11 – Dentaku n’gaku 12 – Siver Lady (instrumental à la bouche) After some songs on compilations here and there, here is the first long awaited  Silver Lady first album ! Silver lady is a collaborative project between Gaë Bolg (music) and the  mysterious Dr Sin (lyrics). It’s probably the craziest Gaë Bolg’s side project to  date and this cd (and its cdr complement ‘Inclus concentré de bonus avec  morceaux dedans’) propose a vast and colourful collection of bombastic  orchestral-psychedelic-pop anthems, iconoclast melodies, symphonic samples,  operatic voices, electronic sounds on acid, intimate psychiatric dancefloor hits,  analog keyboards, ethnic percussions, mad lyrics, weird sense of humour and  many more !   (digipack) Oumba oumba  Pop song